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“Atithi Devo Bhava’ We believe in the ancient Indian philosophy of “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means Guest Is God. Rangoli East indian kitchan + Bar. Cuisine Experience the multi-dimensionality of the Indian palate with flavorful dishes like our chili-spiced chutneys, saffron-infused biryani and turmeric-spiced aloo gobi. At Rangoli East indian kitchan + Bar while we adhere to traditional Indian culinary practices, we’re happy to offer everything on our menutailored according to your taste and spice preferences.,

Chef Quality

Perfect Ingredients

Chef Sanjay Chauhan and Deepak Chandara are considered as humble chefs in the culinary field. They began their journey in India Delhi. Both have worked with lots of best food experts around the globe. then they came to canada. Moreover, in canada they run their own restaurant named “ Rangoli East indian kitchan + Bar”. Mr Sanjay and mr Deepak’s family have a busy schedule and both are Chef who has an extremely flexible attitude and great cooking skills The essence of the Indian kitchen is a classic combination of knowledge, culinary roots, magical experience and the respect of traditional values. We serve delicious delights to our guests with warm hospitality. Our authentic Indian cuisine is prepared using high quality ingredients in a refined style.


Healthy & Tasty

Food hygeine is the motto here to avoid potentially severe health hazards.

Fresh & Clean

Fresh and nutritious food soothe your stomach. Our mission is to provide a fresh food experience

Good Service

Our experts & experienced sheffs make sure timely service orders.

Catering Services Available

We give our administrations to all occassions like Engagements, Marriages, Birthday Parties, Receptions, House Warming Parties, Corporate Gatherings, Event Party, and much more. We at Rangoli East indian & Bar our caterings for minimum 25 persons. Our catering professionals understand all aspects of catering and look forward to the opportunity to exceed your expectations India. Rangoli East indian & Bar Catering Indian Food to Casual parties to weddings & engagement catering.
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